3 Reasons For Installing Commercial Entrance Mats

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Entrance mats are a great modern-day commodity. They placed at entrances to stop dirt and moisture right there. They can be used, on buildings and houses alike. They're also perfect at absorbing moisture. And by reducing both, dirt and moisture, they protect the inner floors and add longevity to their lifespan. There are many design patterns among these. So naturally, they add a hint of style to doorways as well.

Commercial entrance mats are usually installed inside or outside the main doorway of a commercial building. From safety enhancement to bacteria control and branding, the benefits of installing commercial floor mats are numerous and advantageous for businesses of all industries. There are many different types of commercial floor mats, that cover different purposes. 

Today, at MBT, we'll be listing down 3 main reasons why you should install entrance mats for your business(/commercial) buildings. 


1 - Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

Firstly, they're great for cleanliness, and maintenance. Commercial floor mats are incredibly effective in controlling the accumulation of dirt, moisture, and other debris.  While dirt control enhances visitor safety, it also serves a larger function by creating a clean and professional looking workspace.  This helps businesses make a positive first impression with their guests, conveying that ideals of cleanliness, meticulousness, and professionalism are top priorities. Entrance mats can be a long-lasting and low-maintenance way of dealing with the upkeep of your building’s interior.

It will also mean that your flooring needs replacing less often which will give you more funds in your maintenance budget for other jobs or projects.

2 - Reduced Accidental Slips and Falls

Secondly, they're quite beneficial for worker safety. One of the main advantages of installing commercial entrance floor mats is to ensure the safety of all human traffic using the building. Slips and trips are common at the best of times, but when shoes are wet, or lack grip, people are even more likely to have an accident when they enter a commercial building, particularly if it has a smooth and shiny floor. An entrance mat can make floors safer by providing a textured surface to walk on and by removing anything that could cause a potential hazard from an individual’s shoes.

Commercial and industrial mats can also be anti-fatigue which will reduce your employee fatigue and strain, leading to less accidents and errors.

3 - Added Benefit of Branding

Lastly, commercial mats are a great way of subtle branding. Whether your company is big or small, using an entrance mat as a means of branding can be effective and really make a strong impression on visitors. most commercial entrance floor mats bear the logo of the company on their topsides. These types of entrance floor mats are appropriately referred to as logo mats. The branding helps to direct customers towards your business premises.

In fact, Commercial floor matting may also be used to communicate a number of different messages to visitors. Custom Logo Mats, for example, may be placed in entryways, elevator lobbies, and reception areas to deliver branding messages to guests. 


Why Else Should You Opt for Commercial Mats?

So those were 3 of the main reasons for installing commercial mats. But there's other reaons as well.

Enhances Professional Entrance

The entrance mat will be the first thing that people see when they visit your commercial building. A good quality entry mat can add a feeling of professionalism, warmth and welcoming to those who visit. Regardless of the nature of your commercial property, the opportunity to add a feeling of comfort can be invaluable. There are plenty of colours and styles available, so you can choose something that looks great with the wall colours, or select a neutral option which will be a perfect fit for any setting.

Made to Last

Commercial mats are designed to last long. Commercial entrance floor mats are produced from a tougher material than residential entrance floor mats. They're especially made with the ability to withstand mildew, mold, and moisture as well. Hence creating the right effect and lasting durability, for your building entryway. They're also used as a method of protecting floor surfaces, simply by serving as a buffer between the floor and the falling object. Some commercial mats are capable of absorbing the shock of a falling object, thereby reducing the force exerted directly into the surface of the floor. This reduces the likelihood of damage to the floor surface and preserves its original appearance.



This was a brief article on the uses of commercial mats. To conclude, commercial mats:

- Effectively reduce the amount of building maintenance which needs to be carried out, as well as daily cleaning.

- Ensures that the environment is as safe as possible, preventing slips, trips and falls on hard surfaces.

- Can also be used to communicate any kind of business promotion or advertisement.

With these benefits of entrance mats in commercial buildings it is easy to see why companies turn to this option when they are looking to purchase a safe and cost-effective solution for their entrance. 


Where to get Commercial Mats from?

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