5 Reasons Why Wall Protection Matters

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Wall Protection. What is it, and why do we use it? To answer your question, I’m gonna ask you another question. You ever notice, that every public building has some sort of attachment on their walls? 

They look good on walls, don’t they? But while they add aesthetic value to the building, they’re also there for a more important reason. That, as is in the name, is to protect the walls from wear and tear.

There are many different methods for doing that. If you want to know about them, you can also check out this article here. If not, let's keep moving on this one.

Wall Protection focused more at Buildings than Residential Homes?

Now you might think, “Well we don’t use these at our houses, so why does it matter at buildings either?” This too has a very simple answer. At your house you may have about 5-10 people at max, on an average day, right? We assume 50 to 60 at max, during a get together.

But in public buildings, you see Hundreds or Thousands of people coming in and going out… Every Single Day.

Hence compared to the walls of private homes, these are more prone to harm. What this causes, is that these walls get damaged a great deal faster.

Tl; Dr: More people in building = more damage to walls = need for wall protection

Buildings experience a ton of human traffic. These include Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Public and Commercial buildings, and more. Hence, they all benefit from having wall protection systems installed.

But is there only one reason to use wall protection? Au contraire. There’s actually more benefits to it, than you may think. You know what, I like lists. So here’s a list of 5 reasons for using Wall Protection:


1 – Damage Limitation

Okay, so first off, it limits the damage to your walls, door, and corners. It’s not even only about walls. It helps all around. When you opt for wall protection, you remarkably limit the amount of wear and tear on them.

What might walls look like without them

Without wall protection, you’d see scuffs and scrapes early on. Pretty soon, you’d also start noticing more severe breaks, indentations, cracks, and so on.

But with them, you’re decreasing the problems by leaps and bounds. In turn, you also prolong the wall’s longevity (or lifespan, whichever word you prefer).


2 – Good hygiene

Another great aspect of it, is better hygiene. Sometimes, we may spontaneously touch or lean against walls. Problem is, that many people do it all the time at public buildings.

Emphasis on medical institutions

This constant touching, tends to spread Health Associated Infections (especially in Hopsitals).

Hence, we choose special materials for installation. For one thing, we see ability to withstand wear and tear. For another, their ease of cleaning and bacteria resistance. This in turn, produces a more hygienic environment for everyone to be around.


3 – Significant reduction in maintenance costs

As mentioned in the first point, it prolongs longevity of walls. What that also implies, is that you now have to spend on maintenance less frequently.

Victories at two fronts, innit?

Your walls get protection AND you have more money to spend on other things. Is that a win-win, or is that a win-win? In a little more boring words, Better management of finances does appeal to us anyway.


4 – Aesthetic and design enhancement

How can we NOT talk about this part? As mentioned earlier, these look great. The aesthetic is fantastic with these installed,

Wall Covering vs Wall Protection Systems

Wall covering by itself and minimal wall protection, works for homes too (and you can check out methods for that here, if you want to). Both of these are good, but complete systems happen to give off a different kind of vibes.

But these just add so much more of an artistic touch to buildings. What used to be a plain wall, now has a completely different design element to it. What’s your take on this though? We bet you love that too.


5 – Improved traffic flow

It also helps improve crowd movement. People tend to move around and navigate much better, in places with wall protection systems installed.

Presenting a scenario for said traffic flow

Imagine a handicapped person. Some of them need support to walk. Suppose one’s admitted at a hospital. The staff’s too busy, and nobody’s there to help when they need to… (say) to go to the bathroom.

So, we install proper wall protection systems accordingly. This way we can help them get to their destination, by themselves. That’s both practical, and also pretty neat. Wouldn’t you agree?


Where to get Wall Protection Services from?

Okay, so now you know WHY wall protection is important. But where can you get wall protection services from?

All about Location, Location, Location

It all depends on your location. Based on where you live, you can ask around. Do your research, about where you can go for worthwhile local services. Around the globe, you’ll find many trustworthy and reliable service providers.

Wall Protection services in Dubai

If you’re somewhere in the Emirates (/UAE) or nearby howeverHabibi you’re in luck! You needn’t go anywhere else.

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