5+ Wall Protection Methods

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I'll protect you. I'll stand by you if anything happens.
― Fuyumi Soryo


Wall Protection is important. I think we can all agree about that. It looks good, is better for walls, reduces costs, and so on.

If you’d like to read more about that, here you go. If not, let’s just get to the point of this one.


How should someone protect their walls?


Well, there are actually a number of options. You can browse through them. Then decide what you want, based on your needs.


For smaller projects, you’ll probably need one (or max two). For bigger ones, you’d probably prefer a customized combination of multiple types. Since this is a multiple choice decision, I’ve decided to make another list.

So here’s a list of 5+ wall protection methods:


1 – Impact Protection

As is in the name, this is aimed at protection from impact.


But it’s not just designed to work against thatIn fact, it also warns us about stick out corners, edges, exposed beams and vulnerable pipes.


We use them in many different commercial and industrial areas. Using this, you can protect products from damage and injury.


2 – HPL Protection

High Pressure Laminate, is often shortened to HPL. Contrary to its name, it doesn’t apply high pressure on anything itself.


We actually take the name, from the process used to make HPL. We apply a high amount of heat and pressure, in its manufacturing process. Hence, “high pressure” laminate. Could’ve been named “heat pressure” laminate. But it is, what is.


HPL is the direct descendant of the original plastic laminate. We consider it one of the most durable decorative surface materials.

To justify that:

-It’s available with special performance properties.

It’s resistant to chemicals, fire, and wear&tear.

Talk about performance, eh? Amazing!


It’s quite suitable for high traffic settings. Places like hospitality, offices, healthcare, commercial interiors, and educational facilities.


3 – HDPE Protection

High Density PolyEthelene, is often shortened to HDPE. As the name suggest, it’s a high density polymer.


The density difference between HDPE and LDPE (Low Density PolyEthene) isn’t a lot. But HDPE has a thing called branching. We’re not gonna bore you with extra-scientific jargon. But of course, you can look it up if you want to.


Simply put, branching makes its molecules bond together more tightly. That slight difference makes it a lot stronger than regular LDPE, though.


HDPE Protection is therefore, great for your pipes. It works splendidly at erosion control. It confines the desired infill, and resistmaterial that migrates downward because of hydraulic flows.

All thanks to a little concept called branching.


4 – Stainless Steel Protection

We see Stainless Steel as an ideal element, for modern construction. Stainless Steal Rails for instance, we use very commonly for building materialsThey look elegant, classy, and professional.


You see them everywhere today. Many public buildings, and elegant houses, use these to add an element of elegance to the property. On that topic, we can bet you like how good they look. We know we do.


The great thing for us, is that it doesn’t corrode easily. For another thing, it can resist extreme temperatures. Those are two remarkable things, for us to consider. Hence, from wall guards, to floor mounted guards, to bollards… this material shines everywhere (literally too).


It has a broad range of application across many other industries tooBut that would take us quite off topic.

But yeah, that’s why we use stainless steel for major construction projects.


5 – Column Protection

Column Protection is important, where columns/beams have high chances of getting hit. This is specially important for warehouses, and factories.


If we don’t add protection, the columns and beams would weaken too fast (That is of course, if they’re continuously being hit).


But column Protection surrounds a column, with a cushion of air. This way, any impact that it takes, gets absorbed. Plus, it reduces the risk of injuries as well.


So it’s become a standard for such places, to install protection on their columns and beams. Plus, there’s that aesthetic factor that comes with it, innit?


6 – Edge Protection

So far, we’ve discussed protections used in construction. This time, it’s about protection used during construction.


At any given construction site, you’d see a large number of workers. Especially during the building of tall buildings, there’s a big risk involved. The risk of things falling, and accidentally causing harm to the workers.


To prevent injuries, you’d see them wear hardhats. But their heads aren’t the only things that need safety. So to minimize (if not end) the chances of injury, we use Edge Protection.


There’s actually a number of types of Edge Protection itself. But we’ll get to that some other day.


7 – Other methods

Of course, there are other methods to protect walls. But obviously, we can’t fit everything into one article. Anyhow, some of the other things you can try can be:


- Wall guards

- Handrails

- HDPE wall guards

- Wall panels

- Bumper rails

- Safety paddings

- Resilient claddings

- Rubber paddings

- Wall cladding

- Magnetic laminates

- Décor laminates

- Veneer laminates


Where to get these services?

You now understand the different types of wall protection. If you’re still here, it’s either cause you went way too deep into an internet browsing venture to turn back now, or… you came here because you want these services.


If it’s the first one, it’s still all good. We’re not here to judge. Hope you enjoyed the article anyway. If it’s for the second one though…


All about Location, Location, Location

Globally, you’ll find numerous service providers for this. You can ask around, and discuss with experienced people. You’ll surely find reliable people for your tasks.


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