All About Solid Surfaces

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Vanity is but the surface.

-Blaise Pascal


Pascal may have meant it in a different context. But the quote neatly fits in, here too.


Anywho, you’re here to know about solid surfaces. So let’s get to it. What are solid surfaces? In the simplest terms: That smooth material you see in bathrooms, and maybe kitchens.


But for a thorough outlook, let’s go through the article. Shall we?



What is Solid Surface?

Solid Surface is a man-made non-porous, low-maintenance material.


Looks like Solid stone + used for Surfaces = Solid Surface


Now you might wonder how a “non-porous” material helps. A non-porous material (as is in the name), doesn’t have pores. This means that solids and liquids can’t pass through it.


As such, it doesn’t absorb moisture. So, it’s also safe from mold and fungus. This in turn, makes it a suitable material for high moisture areas. This also means it’s easier to clean and maintain. For liquids, you can easily wipe them off. For dried up dirt, you can easily wash it away.



Okay, but what’s it Made Of?

Well it’s not a single thing. But instead, a combination of elements. To list them all:

- Alumina Tri Hydrate (ATH)

- Acrylic

- Pigments

- Polyester resins (alternatively, Epoxy resins)


It was used commercially for the first time, during the late 1960s. That’s 50+ years. Since then, it’s been used globally, in various forms, for a number of purposes.



Where is it Used?

It’s used for surfaces, such as counter-tops. Solid Surface material gives your kitchen or bathroom counter, the solidity and general appearance of stone.


Solid surface offers one-of-a-kind looks, blending creativity with natural elements. Since it’s hygienic and non-porous, it’s great for the retail, food service and healthcare industries, to name a few.


And solid-surface material gives your kitchen or bathroom counter the solidity and general appearance of stone.



What about Designs and Colors?

Solid Surface is an amazing material, for creative counter-tops, bathroom materials, laboratories, and so on.


It comes in a wide range of colors. From the most elegant of solid colors to the most creative of patterns, Solid Surface has it all. Your pick.


Some people like the solid color look. It looks elegant, and classy. Others prefer patterns of sorts, that feel more alive and creative.


Even in those, some like the appearance of marble. Whereas, others would rather go for granite. Let us know which type you like the most, in the comments section.


Plus, it’s not just colors and patterns. We can also mold it into any shape we want. Bathtubs, Sinks, Counter-tops, you name it.


Do I have options for finishes?

Definitely. Solid Surface gives you the option, to choose whichever finish you’d like to have among:


- Matte

- Semi Gloss

- Gloss


Is maintenance difficult?

First of, Solid Surface counter tops and sinks connect to each other, without any gaps. This leaves no space for water to collect, and for bacteria to grow. So, the hygiene level’s high here.


But let’s say something breaks, cracks, or gets scratches. What do you do then? You can sand and buff it, to make it look just as good. Broken or worn and torn sinks can also be refinished, to look new.


So to sum it up, no. Maintenance isn’t difficult. Quite easy actually.



Does it hold up?

Yeah, the material’s great and all. But does it hold up, to today’s standards?


Yes. It’s been over 50 years since its inception. Over 50. Yet even today:


- It’s used all over the world

- It’s being manufactured by various brands

- It’s quite popular and practical



Are there alternatives?

We’re not presumptuous. We’re not going to pretend, that it’s the only solution that exists. Yes, you can go for alternatives. All with their pros and cons.


There’s granite, marble, quartz, and natural stone. But we do prefer Solid Surface. It offers a ton of variety in colors, designs, and patterns. Overall, just amazing.


But do let us know which one you prefer, in the comments section.



Where to get these services?

So now you know what you need to, about Solid Surfaces. Of course you can still also do more research. That’s on you.


But if you’ve read the article, and you’re still here, you probably want these services anyway. If you don’t, we’re still glad you made it to the end. Really appreciate it, and hope you’d stay and read more.


But here’s the real question. Where can you get Solid Surface products and services from?


All about Location, Location, Location

It all depends on your location. Based on where you live, you can ask the locals. All you need to do is a little research, about where you can go for worthwhile services. And around the globe, you’ll easily find many trustworthy and reliable service providers.


Solid Surface services in Dubai

If you’re somewhere in the Emirates (/UAE) or nearby however, Habibi you’re in luck! You needn’t go anywhere else.

Why? Cause MBT is located right here in Dubai. That’s right. We offer Solid Surface products, and services. Plus, we do have many other things going on.

Why you should work with MBT

MBT has already worked with various reputable organizations. We’ve done many projects in the Emirates and Saudi Arabia. So, you know you can trust us with your work. No sweat.

MBT’s Ample Collection Of Past Projects

We welcome you to click here, to browse through our previous projects on solid surface and more.

We at MBT provide all kinds of corian solid surface and wilsonart solid surface countertops ,with hundreds of diverse colors and patterns. This is an elegant and smart solution, to a variety of projects. And we mean that for both, residential as well as commercial environments.


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