Carpet Flooring - Carpet Tiles, and Their Advantages

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Carpets are cushioned surfaces, that cover floors. Their use is a global age old tradition. Due to their design patterns and comfort, they have stood the test of time. The top is usually made from wool. But also comes in other textile fibers, like nylon and polyester. They're known for their sound absorbance, non-slip, and warmth providing qualities.

Even today, these are a popular choice in flooring, for various residential and commercial areas. Carpets are soft and comfortable. So they're often used in bedrooms and master bedrooms. They can be used over various floor types; most commonly laminate and vinyl. 

Today however, there isn't just one kind of carpet in the market. You now have options.
Two things may generally come to one's mind, while thinking of carpets. 

- Wall to Wall Carpet
- Carpet Tiles

Wall to wall carpets are used to cover entire floors with a single piece. They're a preferable choice for large scale patterns. A Wall to Wall carpet is seamless, and that adds to the design and appearance of a room. These are traditional, and have been widely used all over the world.

Carpet tiles are used in a combination of many tiles, to cover the floor of a room. They're a modern concept, and offer a unique new style to carpeting. They come in various shapes and sizes, like squares and rectangles. These are more preferable today, in areas that require more maintenance. Growing in popularity, as the days go by.


Advantages of Carpet Tiles

Today at MBT, we'll be looking at some of the advantages of Carpet tiles. Following are some of the reasons why, you should opt for carpet tiles:

Easy to Install

Carpet tiles are quite easy to install, and transport. You don't normally require expert supervision, to install them. It's a simple process, that takes a reasonable amount of time. Plus, they come with a backing already attached underneath. (meaning no underlay requirement for installation). This helps save a lot of effort, extra resources, along with considerable costs and time.

Waste Evasion

You can easily fit carpet tiles where you need. They're compact, and they can be fitted neatly alongside each other. Since they're individual pieces, you can easily escape the hassle of waste material. They make for optimum usage, and decrease the waste process altogether. The few tiles that may be left over, can also be easily stored for future usage. Which brings us to the next point.

Maintenance is a Breeze

Maintenance is also one of the main pros of Carpet Tiles. If some tiles go bad, you can easily remove and replace those select tiles. You don't need to remove the entire thing, for the sake of a few. Cleaning too, is just as simple as wall to wall carpets. Vacuuming will generally do the job. You can also just take a select few out, if they need a wash. Place them back when they're dry. As mentioned before, this makes them a suitable option for places that require regular maintenance.

Versatile Designs

Modern carpet tiles come in a wide array of design patterns and colors. Their shapes and sizes create even more of an opportunity to get creative, and make something unique within your vision of the floor. Designers and architects can help you through the process of customized designs as well. They're quite favorable today, for rooms that need comfortable floors with decorative or unique floor patterns. Carpet dye technologies allow us to create an array of colors, and design patterns, that can't be achieved in traditional carpets.

Non-Slip Surface

Carpet tiles, like Wall to wall carpets, are made from textile fibers. These are soft and comfortable to walk on. Along with that, they also reduce the chances of slips and falls. In this aspect, carpet tiles are on par with traditional wall to wall carpets. 


Another benefit of Carpet Tiles, is that they're durable and offer longevity. They're designed to way to hold up well to heavy commercial traffic. With enhanced stain protection, these are able to withstand more than regular carpets. With the added facility to removing individual tiles, you can also simply replace a tile upon need. This further adds to the longevity of the structure, as a whole. 

It should be considered, that cushion backed carpet tiles do better against wear and tear. Due their absorbance of foot traffic impact, they're able to better protect the material of the carpet. 



Carpets are a soft and comfortable flooring solutions. There are two main types of carpets:

- Wall to Wall Carpets

- Carpet Tiles

Following are some of the reasons why you should consider carpet tiles:

- They're easy to install
- Less material is wasted during fitting
- Maintenance and Cleaning is a breeze
- You get unique design and aesthetic properties
- They're resistant against slips and falls
- Carpet tiles are more durable than Wall to Wall carpets

Hopefully, this article helped you understand the benefits of carpet tiles. We at MBT, always look forward to guiding people towards the right decision, with their building material needs. Each project is unique in its own, however. While these articles are these to offer guidance, that's just what they are; general guidance.

If you have trouble deciding between various building materials for your project, we highly recommend that you consult an experienced professional. Experts can help guide you not just within one phase, but throughout your complete project. This will help you make better decisions for both, design and functionality. 


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