Essentials of a Modern Healthcare Centre

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Healthcare providers are some of the vital professionals in the world. Especially in trying times like these, we dearly need them. They are essential to us getting out of the situation we’re in right now.

Life isn’t easy for them. Yet they keep on working, for us. They work at hospitals, dispensaries, laboratories, and other healthcare institutions. They strive to make the world keep going. We appreciate them all. We’re grateful that they take out time to save lives, even while risking their own.

MBT specializes in the healthcare sector as well. So today, we’re gonna list the essentials of a modern healthcare centre:


1. Fume hood

This is a ventilation device, used in medical laboratories. It helps keep workers safe. Safe from all kinds of dangerous fumes, gases, vapors, dust and so on. Fume hoods pull the air from laboratories, and filter them out via exhaust systems. This is one way to do it. Otherwise they take the air, filter it of toxic materials, and then release it back into the lab.

Either way, it refreshes the internal environment of the laboratory. Medical workers are now significantly safer from fumes, than they were a moment ago.

2. Bedside Cabinets

The name makes it sound like a household furniture item. But yes, it’s widely used in laboratories all over the globe. They’re specially made, for use in laboratories and hospitals. They’re one piece small cabinets. But in the medical world, that’s a lot. Numerous laboratory accessories can be stored in a small space.

In that aspect, these are quite helpful in storing the immediate use ones. For instance, you need a syringe. You open a drawer, and there it is. Saves time, and neatly helps you be more organized.



3. PPE Dispenser

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is quite necessary for healthcare workers, especially nowadays. Carrying this equipment all around the place would be difficult. But again, it’s not something we can look over either. It’s important for the protection of both, medics as well patients.

This is where PPE Dispensers come in. Now these are specifically designed for such items. The benefit that we get from these, is that they keep everything organized. This includes gloves, lab coats, masks, caps, and so on. Easily accessible, hygienically stored, neatly organized… What does do you need, right?

4. Rollators

In medical facilities, you’d see at least one disabled person on a daily basis. Normally, they’d be on wheel chairs. But there are people, that can walk with the help of support. Among these, some use sticks, canes, or crutches.

And then comes Rollators. What do these do? They’re like crutches, but different. And they have wheels at the bottom. They’re especially designed for people with disabilities. While they’re standing still, the rollator would also not move. But if they apply a little pressure with their hands, it moves forward. Yet it stays still, when they use it as support to move closer to it.

It’s quite a helpful accessory, and medical facilities should provide it to their needy patients.

5. Crockery

This may seem weird. But think about it. It’s a healthcare facility’s job, to ensure the health and safety of all its patients. There are many things that they do about it. One of those things that seems small, but isn’t, is the crockery they use.

They use a special kind of utensils, and kitchenware. It’s main purpose is to maintain better hygiene. Then there’s also special disposable items, that are better suited for patients than regular ones.



6. Bed Head Panels

Beds in healthcare, have special head panels. Unlike traditional bed heads, they offer functionality as well. This is necessary when you need to equip various equipments at bedside, to observe a patient’s condition.
There are multiple functions here. 
It has a number of terminals for that. These can be used for:

- Data

- Electric power

- Communications

- Medical gas

And more.



7. Workstations:

In the healthcare environment, there are many instances where you’d need to process something on-the-go.

However, you can’t carry around a complete hospital system everywhere you go. For this purpose we have different sorts of distributed workstations, that are all part of a centralized system.

These can be:

a – Wall Mounted Workstations

b – Mobile Workstations

Wall Mounted Workstations, are placed at certain locations. On the other hand, Mobile Workstations can be moved around.

They both have their own uses around the workplace, and provide ease to workers.



Is this all that you need?

Well, honestly, no. This isn’t a complete list of products you’ll need in a medical facility. But if we were to list them all, that’d take quite a lengthy article. Can’t fit them all here.

But these are definitely essential for a modern healthcare centre.



Where to get these services?

Alright, so those were the essentials of a modern healthcare facility.

If you’ve come this far, that tells us that you’re probably interested in acquiring those products as wellWe appreciate that you read the article, regardless.

But you might now wonder… Where can you get Healthcare products from?

All about Location, Location, Location

It all depends on your location. Based on where you live, you can ask the locals. All you need to do is a little research, about where you can go for worthwhile services. And around the globe, you’ll easily find many trustworthy and reliable service providers.


Solid Surface services in Dubai

If you’re somewhere in the Emirates (/UAE) or nearby however, Habibi you’re in luck! You needn’t go anywhere else.

Why? Cause MBT is located right here in Dubai. That’s right. We specialize in the Healthcare sector products, services and installation. Plus, we do have many other things going on.

Why you should work with MBT

MBT has already worked with various reputable organizations. We’ve done many projects in the Emirates and Saudi Arabia. So, you know you can trust us with your work. No sweat.


MBT’s Ample Collection Of Past Projects

We welcome you to click here, to browse through our previous projects on healthcare and more.

We at MBT offer the following healthcare products:

- Laboratory furniture

- Fume hoods by crafters

- Module mobile stations

- Bedside cabinets

- Workstations, crockery

PPE dispensers

- Medication cassettes

- Rub rails

- Bed head panels

- Rollators


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