Expansion Joints in UAE

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Expansion joints permits thermal contraction and expansion without inducing stresses into the elements. An expansion joint is designed to absorb safely the expansion and contraction of several construction materials, absorb vibrations, and permit soil movements due to earthquakes or ground settlement.

MBT have very long expertise & experience in providing architectural finishing products such as expansion joints and sealant products in UAE. From ordinary settings to complex systems such as passageway, foundation isolations, even staircase, MBT deals with lot of products that can meet various project requirements.

expasion joint in uae

Various Types of Expansion Joints and Sealant Products:


These products exist in different ranges, and you have the option to select from various profile seals available in a wide variety of colors and sizes.

These expansion joints are mounted on the wall or ceiling over the covering, overlay, plaster, and plaster board surfaces in industrial and commercial buildings such as hotels, hospitals, business centers and shopping malls. The expansion joints system can be composed of aluminum & EPDM rubber material.

Some of the expansion joints are fixed on the floor in the commercial building such as Shopping Malls, Buildings, Universities, Colleges, Schools, Hotels, & Car parks where walker traffic loads. Though the system can be designed of different materials, a common variant is composed of mill finished Aluminum Alloy & EPDM Rubber material.

In Expansion joints Cover profiles like Trench Access Covers in UAE and cover plates, we offer a wide variety of Expansion Joint floor systems for both thermal and seismic uses. Our expansion joint cover systems have been made to do the job correctly while hardly being coming in sight by having very less sight lines and high load ratings. Other products in the Expansion joints segment that we provide are stainless steel expansion joint covers and drywall expansion joint covers.

Modern Building Technologies Technical Services LLC is a leading provider of Expansion joints for clients in the Middle East area and MBT is a leading construction, maintenance provider and installation of different profiles in Dubai, UAE. We have supplied Expansion joints for different projects in the Saudi Arabia, U.A.E. and Qatar. We have been serving in this region for the last forty years, and provided quality products for use in various installations around this region.

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