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Why to do flooring?

The term “floor”, is generally used in either of the two contexts. The levels/storeys of a building, or the bottom surface of any room. The second version, has two parts in its own. The sub-floor and the floor covering (often referred to, as “flooring”). Both of these, having their individual significance.

The subfloor, is meant to support the structure of a house/building. It serves that function. Meanwhile a flooring solution provides a suitable surface on top of that, which we can walk on.

In other words we can say that, flooring is about applying a finishing material on a subfloor. It provides a smooth, clean, impervious, durable, colorful, hard and attractive surface.

Nowadays, you have numerous flooring options available. You can choose from an array of materials, designs, and colors. Even simpler things like that, help you express yourself more freely.

Where to get it?

Are you located in the UAE? Cause here Modern Building Technologies Technical Serviceswe are passionate about providing safety flooring solutions. The kind that revitalize the hygiene of your environment. Of course we do provide many other services as well. We specialize in the supply and installation of all kinds of building materials, in the UAE. Hence, MBT offers a wide range of hygienic flooring options for hospitals, commercial areas, residences, schools, sports clubs, etc.

Following are brief explanations of a few of our products. We decided to the explanations for the sake of helping someone make their decision:

Rubber flooring: Rubber flooring provides a durable, easy-to-clean surface. Generally, the material used for this, is tree rubber. But alternatively, we also use synthetic materials for it. It’s durable, and can take impact. Plus it’s soft and comfortable. That makes it suitable for all hard-wearing environments. These can be gyms, basements, playrooms, laundry rooms, and utility areas. MBT offers all solutions related to Rubber flooring in UAE

Vinyl flooring: Vinyl flooring is a synthetic  flooring material. It’s durable, affordable and easy to install. One major advantage of vinyl flooring, is its water resistance. If installed properly, it’s completely waterproof. Vinyl is commonly confused with other types of flooring such as linoleum and laminate flooring. Both of those options, also have their perks. But neither is waterproof, as is vinyl flooring.

Anti-Static flooring: This flooring prevents ESD (electro static discharge), from building up and discharging into the environment. Anti-static flooring, is capable of capturing all those charges and grounding them before they cause reactions. In this sense, it’s more focused around safety, rather than design. But there are still many types of anti-stating flooring variants. So you can still get that design aesthetic you wanted, while maintaining the safety of your environment.

WPC flooring: WPC stands for wood plastic composite. This is another durable flooring option. Also known as luxury vinyl plank flooring, WPC offers longevity as well as high water resistance. It’s quite easy to install, and feels soft as one walks over them. Another benefit of this, is that it can mimic a realistic appearance of other more premium flooring options. This makes it an easy choice for anyone, that prefers valuables that are also budget-friendly.


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Epoxy flooring: Today, epoxy flooring is a standard trend in industrial and commercial buildings. The name comes from its basic components, the epoxy resins. This flooring is commonly used over concrete subfloors. It gives a regular concrete floor, the glossy look that makes it look elegant and attractive. This is another durable option. It’s designed to endure high traffic, and heavy loads, for a long period.

But that’s not everything. Unfortunately, we can’t explain all of them, in a single article. We try to keep our articles at just the right length, for our readers. But even if there’s a limit to how much we can cram in here, we can at least tell you this one thing. MBT offers more flooring options, like

To add more, our luxury vinyl tile creates stunning floors. They’re designed to look like hardwood or stone. But they’re incredibly more enduring. They’re also water proof. This makes them one of the most viable options, when it comes to house floors. They can cater to the busiest places of a house. The kitchen, the bath, the basement, you name it. People just love these tiles, for all that they have to offer.

MBT also offers a variety of skirting solutionsSkirting is basically a baseboard. It usually coverthe lowest part of an interior wall. Its purpose is to cover the joint between the wall surface and the floor. This protects the area from a lot of over-time damage. Moreover, it changes the appearance of a room. Provides it a factor of elegance, that you never knew was missing. You can learn more about skirting hereOur solutions include vinyl skirting, sit on skirting, wood skirting, and cove skirting, to name a few.

MBT deals with more flooring solutions, and also with armstrongbiocladforbogerflorpolyflorresponsivecarpet land and other


We have worked with numerous reputable organizations, all over the UAE and beyond. Over the years, we’ve gathered ample experience via numerous projects. You can check them all out, here


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