Flooring VS Carpet | Which One Should You Get?

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Flooring is a fundamental part of your house. It’s a significant decision to make, for the finishing of your house. There are many factors you have to consider, before finalizing an option. You may even opt for multiple flooring options, throughout the house.

Now, there’s one thing that’s often compared with traditional flooring. Carpets. Should one invest in it, or not. This is quite a common query among consumers. There’s this ambiguity between carpeting and flooring. Which option should you opt for, how, and why? Today’s we’re going to discuss this exact issue. Hopefully, this article would help someone in their decision.

First off, we need to understand how flooring and carpeting works. As we go through that, we’ll better understand how they can be compare. Let’s get it to it then.


What is Flooring

Flooring is the process of applying a finishing material, over a sub-floor. There are many different types of flooring. All come with their ups and downs. These can be wooden-flooring, wpc flooring, tile flooring, rubber flooring, and so on.

We use these options, for various purposes. For instance: A gym would have a different kind of floor, as compared to the outer deck of a house. The gym flooring would be solid, but soft enough to evade injuries. Whereas, the deck flooring would be focused on water resistance.


What is Carpeting

Carpets are Woolen or Synthetic-fiber Textile floors. Carpeting is the process of stretching, padding, and sticking them, to sub-floors or atop finished floors. These are soft and comfortable, for sitting and walking over. Today, there are many types of carpeting too. Rugs for instance, which are a miniature form of carpets.


The Various Comparisons:

There are a number of factors we can consider here. Let’s see how these two fare, in relation to these:


1 – Durability:

In most cases, traditional flooring is far more durable. This isn’t to suggest, that carpets won’t last long. They too are designed for longevity. But there’s a significant difference here. Most carpets would last about a decade or a half. Then you’d need to find a replacement. On the other hand, most other flooring solutions would last a decade or more. Even if they did half a decade, that’s still a bargain over carpets.


2 – Hygiene and Cleanliness:

Most flooring options are built for better hygiene, and less cleaning effort. Their maintenance isn’t high, which makes them a desirable option for consumers. Carpets on the other hand, can never be cleaned properly. Even after a session of cleaning, you’d remain doubtful of it’s cleanliness. It entraps dirt, dust, and unwanted particles, and can become an all around hassle to maintain.


3 – Comfort

Flooring is generally aimed at being hard and sturdy. Hence most options aren’t built for being soft, or comfortable to walk on. On the other hand, all carpets are made to be comfortable and soft. That’s the one big selling point that they have. You can walk over them, sit on them, and maybe even lie on them if they’re new. Unfortunately though, the softness does wear out, if not properly maintained.


4 – Health Benefits

As mentioned before, other flooring options are more hygienic. There’s seldom to no health risks associated. But carpets are often found to hold pollen and dust. This easily triggers allergies in some people. This makes them less favorable for general gathering spaces, like living rooms.


5 – Cost

Due to their durability problem, carpets cost less than most other flooring solutions. This makes them a viable option, for short term use. But of course they’re more expensive for longer terms. This is because, if you stick to them, you’ll frequently need to keep replacing them with new ones. Whereas for other flooring options, you invest once and you’ll save the re-flooring money.


6 – Design

Both these options, come in a multitude of design options. This is more based on personal preference, than which is better or worse. Maybe you like wooden floors. You might prefer solid colors. You may want an oriental design. Each person has their own specific taste, and preferences. So we’re going to leave this one, up to you.



We now have to conclude which one is better of the two. All things considered, we consider the non-carpet options. Traditional solid flooring is much better for us in many ways, and gives us many varied options. Carpets are good for comfort. But overall, they’re not the best option out there. But do let us know what you think.


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