How Wall Cladding Adds To Your Residence

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Wall Cladding is basically applying a layer of material over the exterior walls of a building. There's a slight gap in between the two, for rain water drainage. In modern times, cladding is used to create thermal insulation, and to protect against unfavorable weather conditions. It also adds to the outer appearance, and makes the building look much better.

Many buildings today, come with exterior cladding. It's a common practice. It always gives them a sleek and contemporary look. This makes it seem like something out of the 20th or 21st century. But according to Bushbury Cladding, historically it dates back hundred of years. They claim that there are evidences of its existence, that link it back to as early as even the 5th century.

This raises a very critical question. How does something that is so old, hold up with the modern age of technology and information? This is a simple answer to that as well. It's seen many forms and shapes, over the centuries. Its still in use today, as it has been altered with time to better suit our needs. There are several forms of cladding out there today, that serve various purposes. This is how it helps us all.

Today at MBT, we're going to go through some of the ways cladding enhances your living arrangements.


The Benefits of Wall Cladding

The exterior part of a structure, is the most exposed and vulnerable area it has. It's more probable to experience unfavourable weather conditions, and damage via external elements. 

There are four main ways, that wall cladding helps:

- Weather Resistance and Protection
- Insulation From Heat and Sound
- Easy Maintenance
- Design Aesthetic

 Let's breifly go through each one of these below:

Weather Resistance and Protection

One primary advantage that you get, is weather resistance. Weather it's humidity, extreme temperatures, strong winds, or any other inconvenient weather condition, cladding offer extra protection against all these factors. It creates that barrier in between the wall, and the external elements, to do so. Additionally, it works against all sorts of damage towards the exterior walls. This increases the longevity of your walls, and maintains their mechanical strength.

Insulation of Sound and Temperatures

Cladding adds a layer of insulation between walls, and external elements. This works well in two ways. First, it controls the temperature better. These can be designed for both purposes, keeping the inner temperature cold, as well as for keeping the inner temperature hot. That's one thing. Another good thing here, is the insulation of sound. Unlike light, sound can travel through all states of matter. Through the insulation layer, we aim to prevent external sounds from entering residences. This makes your living arrangement more tranquil and relaxed.

Easy Maintenance

One a product has been completed or installed, one big part of your problem is solved. But there is always the hassle of maintenance. If any product isn't properly maintained, it'll lose its worth much quickly. This rule also applies to walls. Once they're finished, you have to care for them. Cladding firstly protects them damage and weather conditions. But also, maintaining the outer appearance of cladding is much simpler. You just need to wash it, if necessary. It'll look good as new.

Design Aesthetic

Finally, there is of course that appeal. You can always opt for no cladding on you walls. But it goes without saying, that a cladded wall looks more sleek and modern in comparison. You completely revamp the external appearance of your residence. You can even use this solution for old buildings. They might look old and outdated now. But try a cladding solution that suits you, and see how that turns it's look 180 degrees, per the current age.



Described above was some brief information about wall cladding, and its benefits. Hopefully you enjoyed the article. Do let us know if you didn't, and suggest improvements where you seem fit. We'd love to hear from you. 

To conclude, wall cladding;

- Helps create and insulation barrier, for sound and heat

- Create and elegant modern appearance of your residence

- Is easier to maintain, than regular walls

- Protects against weather conditions, and other external elements

We appreciate your presence here at MBT, and hope that you'll keep reading or come back for more.


Where to get Wall Cladding services from?

There are many service providers around the globe, that would provide these services. You can ask around, and mostly likely find reliable people to cater to your needs. 

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