Is Solid Wood Furniture The Best?

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Over the decades, the furniture industry has seen many modifications and changes. Several materials have been introduced. Among them, there are several variations within each. Lifestyle choices have also played a big role over time, in the changing dynamics of design and aesthetics. Materials like steel, plastic, and PVC have certainly left their mark in the industry. But this one material, just doesn't go out of fashion. People just keep turning back to Wood. 

There's just something about wood, that makes it stand out. There have been various uses of the material, throughout the ages. Today it's considered as one of the best options for furniture. Of course there are, and always will be, alternatives. But there are some qualities about Wood, that make it attractive. When you buy furniture, this is the one material you can not miss. Perhaps, also the one that first comes to your mind.

Today, at MBT, we are listing down the reasons why that is:


- Durability

Wood is a highly durable material. It's lifespan is quite long. Once you get something made, you have less to worry. It lasts decades. One big advantage you get with it, is that it can polished and refinished, to last even longer. You can get that same new furniture look again, with a touch up. The same can not be said about synthetic materials.

- Eco-Friendliness

One good thing about wood, is that it's reusable. Due to the refinishing property mentioned earlier, it can be renewed to look like fresh furniture. Lesser trees are cut down, due to this one factor alone.

The wood industry has also adapted a better method for acquiring wood. Instead of cutting down all the trees in a particular area, a select amount is used. New trees are planted on that selective area. The next time, the select amount would be taken from another area. Then another area, and so on. This way a majority of the trees and forests are saved, while also fulfulling the needs of the industry. This practice is generally known as selective harvesting, and has helped regrow forests in many countries.

- Appearance

Wood makes you think about nature. It's quite soothing to look at. This is especially a great option for residents of metro cities and other busy areas. Wood is great for bringing you back to the calmness, and warmth of nature within your residence. It's considered a premium material, due to its beauty and maginificence. Any room can be given an extra element of elegance, with furniture made from it.

- Works with Everything

This brings us to out next point. Wood Furniture, works with everything. It can blend in with almost any type of room. In terms of aesthetic style, there’s no debate over the versatility of wood. Whether your home décor is largely modern, rustic, or cozy, wood can fit any interior design. A light-colored wooden dining table can complement a minimalistic design plan. A medium, red-toned coffee table can beautifully balance out a woodsy, rustic decor. A darker-hued dresser can be a regal standalone piece and can add a touch of elegance to your home instantly.

- Comfortable for Use

Due to the solid composition of wood, it is considered favorable to various types of postures, whether while sitting or lying down. The usage of wood in modular office furniture, which is rather important given how much time people spend sitting on chairs, is therefore widespread. Office as well as home furniture manufacturers make extensive use of different kinds of wood depending on individual needs, and are able to derive the benefit of its strength.

- Easy Maintenance

Everyday maintenance and cleaning of wood is easy and doesn’t need regular application of chemicals. Wiping your furniture with a piece of cloth can keep it clean and looking good. Restoring its gloss and shine can only take an occasional application of polish, oil, or wax, and the process is simple to perform. When it comes to relocating or changing the position of your wooden furniture within your home, it can be surprisingly easy to lift, unlike steel or glass types, which are either heavy or fragile.



Okay, so here's a summary of why wooden furniture is great for you:

- It's highly durable

- It's eco-friendly

- It looks great

- It works for all settings

- It's comfortable for use

- It's easy to maintain and clean

However you should definitely take an expert's advice, before buying anything. Every person wants a unique solution to their problems. That can be tricky job, without the help of an experienced professional. In fact, you can contact us right here. We'd be glad to hear from you. 


Where to get Wooden Furniture from?

Since you've made it to the end, we assume you need these services. If not, that's okay too. Your presence here is appreciated. But if so...

Wooden Furniture in Dubai

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Why work with MBT?

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We also offer:

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