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Edges can get damaged, while pointy corners can be harmful for children. This is because they’re the most exposed part of building materials. Therefore, they need to be protected from impact. Or otherwise reshaped to decrease harm to young ones. For this purpose, we use profiles, edging, and trims. There are multiple types of all these methods, that can be utilized in multiple forms.


This can be for countertops. This can be for floors. This can be for walls. Some of these methods are mentioned below.


Countertop Edge Profiles, are also specially made. These have less to do with protection, and more to do with design. These profiles do however, help avoid or lessen injuries to young ones. There are a number of designs you can choose from, for your countertop profiles. Some examples of these are:

Half Bull Nose Profiles are Curved at the top edge, and straight at the bottom

Full Bull Nose Profiles are Curved both at the top and bottom edges.

Eased Edge Profile, is straight but slightly rounded at the top and bottom edges.


Parquet Edge Profiles are used for the protection of parquet (or WPC) flooring. They’re used as finishing profiles, for such. By itself, this type of flooring is vulnerable to damage and overtime deterioration. But these profiles help curb the amount of wear and tear, and essentially assist us in prolonging the life of parquets.


Floor trims are long, thin strips. They’re made of material that’s shaped to fit at the end of your flooring. Floor Trims are used for wood and laminates, for stone and tile, as well as for vinyl flooring. Essentially, they’re available for any kind of flooring out there. Two kinds of Floor Trims can be:

Round edge trims

Square edge trims


Ceramic Edge Profiles make Ceramic tiles look even better. They look great by themselves as well, but profiles add more flair to it. They’re also meant to protect the outer corners and edges of tiles. They provide a more refined appearance for us, while protecting the ceramic. There are different types of ceramic edge profiles. To name them:

Stainless Steel Ceramic Edge Profiles

Brass Ceramic Edge Profiles

Aluminum Ceramic Edge Profiles

PVC Ceramic Edge Profiles

These are available in different heights. These borders, trims, and highlight tiles can seamlessly blend into your design. They stand out or highlight another feature within the space, by rehashing a finish or material.


Where to getthese servicesfrom?

So that was a little bit of information about edge profiles, and trims. We appreciate your presence here, on MBT’s blog. Since you’re still here, we assume you need to acquire profiling services too. If you’re actually here just for a quick read, that’s all good too. But if you are looking for the services, that’s even better.

Where are you located?

It all depends on your location. Based on where you live, you can ask around. Do your research, about where you can go for worthwhile local services. Around the globe, you’ll find many trustworthy and reliable service providers.

Edge Profiles in Dubai

If you’re somewhere in the Emirates (/UAE) or nearby however, Habibi you’re in luck! You needn’t go anywhere else.

Why? Cause MBT is located right here in Dubai. That’s right. We offer all kinds of parquet edge profiles. Plus, we do have many other things going.

Why you should work with MBT

MBT has already worked with various reputable organizations. We've done many projects in the Emirates and Saudi Arabia. So, you know you can trust us with your work. No sweat.

MBT’s Ample Collection Of Past Projects

We welcome you to click here, to browse through our previous projects on profles, edges, trims and more.

MBT offers a multitude of materials, finishes, and colors. These cater to different applications for floor, wall, countertops and movement joints, and is more practical from a design standpoint.

• Aluminum Ceramic Edge Profiles

• Stainless Steel Ceramic Edge Profiles

• Decorative Profiles

• PVC Ceramic Edge Profiles

• Brass Ceramic Edge Profiles

• Round edge trims

• Stair nosing

• Protective edgings

• Hygienic cover profiles

• Square edge trims

• Decorative Joints

• Floor trims

• Edge Profiles

• Decorative Strips

• Cover Strips

• Sloped cover strips

• Stair edging

• No-slip tape

• Stair rods

• Terrazzo Profiles 

• Spacers for use with concrete

• Protective edging for plastering

• Threshold Profiles

• Profiles for parquet – wooden profiles

• Skirting boards for tubes


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