Parking Accessories in UAE

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The parking issue is become big issue in this globalization era. So, to maximize the parking revenue and in the same time providing safe environment for the car parking users, Modern Building Technologies have several type of the parking accessories in UAE, which helps us for hassle free parking.

Parking wheel stopper

Parking wheel stoppers are great to block drivers from over-running the parking spots and hitting the walls of your garage or other parked cars. It also protects physical assets preventing vehicles from coming into contact with them.

Parking bollards

Parking bollards provides periodic access to driveways, private roads and car park spaces. Parking bollards or parking bollards are designed to prevent unauthorized vehicles parking in your designated private car parking space at home, or at a business.

mbt parking accessories

Garage parking mirror

Garage parking mirror or convex parking mirror in UAE will ultimately improve visibility and safety for narrow parking areas in home garages and parking buildings. With just a quick glance up at the wall mounted convex mirror, a driver can see their absolute alignment in real time, enabling quick adjustments for side mirrors and roof clearance, effectively avoiding damage to vehicles and building structures.

Rubber Speed Humps

Rubber speed humps are rounded traffic calming solutions, installed across the width of the road to slow cars down. They are ideal for residential roads and slow cars to 10-20 mph. Rubber speed humps in UAE should ideally be installed in a series to sustain their speed reduction effect.

Parking Accessories like convex mirror, bollards, wheel stoppers, parking barricades, rubber corner guard, speed bumpers, speed hump and more provides hassle free parking.

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