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Pergolas. In simple words, they’re shade stands. They consist of pillars supporting a roofing of cross-beams and rafters. Due to the lattice (/ crisscross) shape of the roof, they’re slightly open from the top. They can be used in gardens, parks, and even in houses, for elegance and shade.


What’s their purpose?

Pergolas are shade stands, that also let sunlight in. You might wonder why they are, the way that they are. Basically, they’re meant to block direct sunlight from reaching you. Completely covered shade stands also block the sunlight from above. But the wind gets blocked too. So pergolas are meant to also let air pass by. This way you get a great experience, either walking or sitting under them.

One advantage that you get from pergolas, is that they look quite elegant. So people do often use these, to increase the value of their homes as well.

Types of Pergolas

There are a few different types of pergolas to choose from. Here’s some of the Wooden Pergola options you can go for:


Traditional Pergolas

These are the most common type of wooden pergolas. They’re also known as Open-Top Pergolas. They are exactly what the name suggests they are. They follow the definition of what a pergolas is suppose to be, to the word. Slight shade from the top; crisscross shaped roof; pillars to support the structure.
Traditionally, these have often been used as vine trainers. To clarify, they’re used as support for growing vines in an upward direction. In other words, they “train” the vines to grow in such a way.


Pitched Pergolas

These too follow the basic definition of the term. But there’s a slight difference, that gives them their unique appearance. The roof of this one, is attached to the house from one side. From that side, it creates a slight slope towards its end. These pergolas are always attached to the house.


Gabled Pergolas

The previous type has a single slope, with the walls of a house. This one has two slopes, that meet in the middle of the structure. Due to this specific shape, it can block sunlight from a larger area. If you like shade with a very minimal amount of sunlight, this one might be for you. Additionally, it also has a one of a kind look, in the world of pergolas.


Technically Not Pergolas:

Shade structures can often be mistaken, one for another. This is a common problem, because a lot of them look quite similar to each other. We’ve therefore decided to list down some of those other ones, so people understand the differences.



Pergolas are generally half or at least slightly open from the top. But sometimes you’d see them with a completely covered roof. Now that’s very similar. Same structure, same pillars, but covered. The covered part, is what makes it a Pavilion. You can also say that it’s a wall-less room.



This is kind of a mini-version of what a pergola is. But it has it’s own unique features too. It’s smaller, and has two sides instead of multiple pillars. The sides too are in the lattice or crisscross form, like the top. The top itself, is slightly arched. These are often used as entrances to gardens and such, or to train vines.



A Gazebo is a type of shade structure, that seems quite similar to a pavilion. But yes, they too have their own defining features. Unlike a pavilion, these are self contained structures. They have an opening for people to enter and exit, but they’re closed from most sides. They also have a builtin floor, within their own boundaries.


To Conclude:

So this was a little bit of info about pergolas, their types, and other shade structures. Hopefully, this information helped you out in some way as well. If it did, let us know in the comments section below. We’re glad you’ve read to the very end. Kindly, do leave us feedback. That would be really appreciated.

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