Profile, Trim & Edging for Floors and Walls

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Profile, floor trims and eding are essential components in every tile-finished wall & floor, not only providing appeal and overall aesthetic effects but also providing durability to tile assemblies by containing high mechanical strength and having resistance against abrasions and dents.

Stair nosing

The main purpose of a stair nosing is to improve the safety of the staircase. Also known as stair edging.

Floor trims

Floor trims are long, thin strips of material which have been shaped to fit at the end of your flooring. Floor Trims exist for wood and laminate, for stone and tile, and for vinyl flooring. They're basically available for any kind of flooring that is made.

  • Round edge trims
  • Square edge trims

Decoration Profiles

  • Decorative Joints
  • Decorative Strips

Threshold Profiles

Threshold profiles are manufactured from Aluminum or PVC in order to fill the gap between carpets, vinyl and parquet flooring.

Edge Profiles 

Parquet edge profiles are used as finishing profile at the edge of parquet.

  • Aluminum Ceramic Edge Profiles
  • Stainless Steel Ceramic Edge Profiles
  • PVC Ceramic Edge Profiles
  • Brass Ceramic Edge Profiles
  • Protective edgings
  • Protective edging for plastering

MBT offers a wide variety of materials, finishes, and colors to suit different applications for floor, wall, countertops and movement joints from a design standpoint.

  • Terrazzo Profiles
  • Hygienic cover profiles
  • Cover Strips
  • Sloped cover strips
  • No-slip tape
  • Stair rods
  • Spacers for use with concrete
  • Profiles for parquet – wooden profiles
  • Skirting boards for tubes
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