Stainless Steel Protection For Walls

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Protecting walls is essential for commercial buildings and areas. If its neglected, walls can get severely damaged in a small amount of time. The more people there are, the more the chances of structures getting hit. To avoid the hassle of cracks, breakage and other problems, we take precautionary measures in the form of wall protection materials. This also helps us decrease maintenance costs, and utilize those amounts elsewhere.

Among the many methods we use for wall protection, is wall protection rails. There are different kinds of wall protection rails. These include crash rails, bumper rails, and handrails. Materials like hdpe, hpl, and stainless steel, are used in these products. They're sturdy and well built, to handle impact and absorb damage. 


Stainless Steel Rails by MBT

At MBT, we offer you Stainless Steel Wall Protection Ralls. These are great for use in commercial and public buildings. They're commonly used in areas that require heavy-duty protection.  Stainless Steel rails are ideal for areas where cleanliness and hygiene are of paramount importance, as they reduce bacterial growth and allows for the use of harsh cleaners. Stainless Steel Crash Rails are an elegant modern solution for places like Health Care, Pharmaceuticals and Laboratories.


Why Stainless Steel?

Following are some of the reasons why you should opt for Stainless Steel:

  • It's a smooth, sleek solution for interior wall
  • It's hygienic properties make it suitable for kitchens, pharmaceutical and labs
  • It combines impact protection with a clean and modern design
  • It offers a high end appearance of itself
  • It's resistance to rust and many other forms of corrosion
  • It's an affordable solution for protecting walls


Where to get Stainless Steel Rails?

There are many service providers around the globe, that would provide these services. You can ask around, and mostly likely find reliable people to cater to your needs. And if you’re located in the Emirates (/UAE), we at MBT can help. We're located right here in Dubai. MBT offers all kinds of Wall Protection services, to meet your needs. 


Alternatives to Stainless Steel 

There are always options while selecting building materials for a specific purpose. There are alternatives for these as well. You can also opt for the following:

HDPE Wall Protection

HDPE is a thermoplastic polymer, made with ethylene. It's full name is High Density PolyEthylene; sometimes shortened to polythene or alkathene. It's a tough material, that's highly resistant to impact and damage. So there's a number of commercial and industrial uses for it, all over the world. HDPE is an eco-friendly material, that's also lightweight and durable. 


Other Products by MBT:

MBT is a well recognized name in the world of building materials. We're one of the pioneers of builing materials in the UAE. So, naturally we have a great portfolio of working with many well known and reputable clients, all over the Middle Eastern region.

MBT also deals with many more wall protection solutions. Plus, we work with wilsonart, bioclad, fundermax, polyrey, stylam, surforma sonae, gentas, nystrom, wallgaurd, arfen and other reliable brands. So you can rest assured about your project, once you approach us.


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