Stair Nosing - The Purpose and The Types Of Nosing

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Stair-nosing, what is it? Often referred to simply as "nosing", it is the edge of a stair tread. This is he part of stairs, that people often step on. It is an integral part of stairs altogether. The name developed, because it often protudes from the edge. 

This might make one wonder why they matter at all. Stairs are stairs. They come in a number of shapes and designs. Why is nosing important in all of this? Let's get to that question, and look into the why's of stair nosing.

What is their purpose?

First, let's discuss what they accomplish. There are different methods for it, and different design strategies as well. But the primary concern for us here, is why we need them to begin with. Following are some of the ways, nosing facilitates us better.

- Reduces Slips and Falls

As mentioned above, this is the part of stairs that people often step on. And so, this makes it a critical element of a staircase. It reduces slips and falls, due to its proper placement. In turn, the chances of injuries and accidents are also reduced. This is a major benefit for places that frequent heavy traffic, or where children may be present.

- Adds Longevity to Staircases

This is also useful for the protection of stair treads. Like any other material in a building, stairs too would need proper maintenance and repairs over time. This is due to constance use, especially in busy areas. Star nosing can reduce those cost to a considerable extent. They increase the stairs' lifespan, by protecting them from damage.

- Helps in Using Stairs

Nosing also helps better identify the edge of each step. Some times, a little bit goes a long way. The case applies here too. A lot of people face trouble going up and down stairs. This is because all the steps usually look alike. But this adds a small detail at the end of each step, and makes it clearly visible for all. 


Materials for Nosing

There are numerous materials that be used for this. Each has its own purpose and properties. You can easily choose your pick from various kinds, based on your requirement. Following are some of the options you can go for:

  • PVC
  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • Rubber
  • Brass
  • Bronze


Shape of Nosing

If you do opt for nosing, you'll also think about it's shape. This is an important part of the design process. You'll need your treads to match the overall aesthetic of the room. Nosing comes in many different shapes, and each gives a different look to your finished stairs. Following are some of the designs that you can opt for:

Pencil Rounded Nosing:

This is a rounded nosing, with the radius of its curve being that of a pencil. From there, comes its name. It's not a big curve, but it looks attractive.

Squared Nosing:

While it comes with a flat edge, the corner is slightly rounded. This flatness of the edge, gives it the name "squared" nosing. It looks elegant, and the curved corners makes it relatively safe as well.

Half Bull Nosing:

This comes with a big curve, on one corner of the edge. The other corner just continues flat, with the curve. 

Full Bull Nosing:

This nosing style, is another variant of the bull nose edge. Unlike the half bull nose, this one offers a complete curve containing both corners of the edge. Hence, full bull nose. 

No Overhand Nosing:

This is a different type of nosing. It stands out from all the rest, due to one describing feature. It sits flush with the stair riser. As the name tells, it doesn't hang ahead of the stair riser. But it's been designed to reduce slips and falls, by still keeping the nosing visible.

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