The Different Types Of Commercial Wooden Doors

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As a business owner, you need to be smart about what doors you opt for. You have to think about all the various choices and their ups and downs. From style, to maintenance, to lifespan, there's a lot to think about. 

But with Wooden doors, is that really a big problem? Wooden doors are some of the most elegant, low maintenance, and highly durable doors out there. They're great for both external and internal use. There are so many benefits to going for them, such as:

  • They're quite low-maintenance.
  • They can look good with all environments
  • They're good insulators of heat
  • They don't rust or corrode, unlike metal doors
  • They're rather elegant
  • These last life-times

Now among wooden doors as well, there's a number of commercial and residential uses. So there's a variety of options among those as well, for you to pick per your requirements. 

Following are some of the Wooden Doors you can make use of, for your business:


Panelled Wooden Doors

Along with the battened and ledged door style, panelled doors are among the classic designs for wooden doors. This style can have a model that can resemble one or more panels grooved on it. 

The great thing about paneled doors is that they can work for all types of environments. If you have a narrow opening such as for passage doors, you can have a single leaf panel one. For wider cases, you can use a double leaf design instead. 

These solid core panel doors are specifically for interior commercial applications with taller bottom rails and wider stiles to accommodate commercial hardware. Doors satisfy ADA requirements, making them a popular choice for hotels. MDF faces provide a smoother surface than natural wood for easy painting and offer durability with low maintenance.

Wooden Doors with Glass

Commercial wood doors with lite kits and glass (or windows) not only provide light to a room, they ensure safety, too. Doors with lites, provide safety for well-traveled corridor doors, allowing to see if others are entering the room.

We have several different glass options for our commercial wood doors such as tempered glass, wire glass, insulated glass and fire rated clear glass for rated doors. These are the perfect options for providing extra light in a dark room with no exterior windows, and providing a level of security to see outside of the opening. Build a quote now to see what we offer and get instant pricing on all of our products.

Wooden Louvered Doors

This door style offers excellent ventilation as well as providing privacy at the same time. Most businesses opt for a wooden door that’s partially louvered. Along with hollow-core doors, companies use louvered doors for restrooms. 

Commercial wood doors with louvers (or door vents) provide air ventilation between rooms or inside of closets. Louvered doors help ventilate rooms when closed while still providing privacy and security. Louvers are often found inside of restroom and electrical or mechanical closet doors.

Laminated Core Flush Doors

You can never go wrong with laminated core flush doors. Using fine-grain patterns of wood veneer, these doors work well for both exterior and interior usage. Solid-core doors provide a premium option to business owners by granting them a door that brings all the benefits a wooden door has, without bringing the drawbacks. 

One of the greatest pros this door has is the fact that it’s one of the most fire-resistant options out there. Additionally, they are much affordable compared to solid wood doors. Lastly, this style resists quite well humidity changes, so there’s no need to worry about the door expanding or contracting.

Fire-Rated Wooden Doors

Architectural grade wood fire doors control the spread of fire and smoke for up to 1-1/2 hours (90 Minutes). Fire-Rated wood doors are available in a variety of veneers, styles and sizes. Fire doors often are used on openings leading from corridors to offices, closets, storage rooms, stairwells, mechanical rooms or any other opening that penetrates a fire barrier wall.

CDF offers the best value in the industry on our solid core commercial wood doors. Our stock particle core wood doors can be fire rated up to 20 minutes. We also keep hundreds of unfinished and clear pre-finished doors in stock ready to ship. Special hinge or lock location is not a problem for us because we machine all of our wood doors to order so you don’t have to wait. If you need it now let us know CDF is the first and only source for quick ship wood doors.

Bi-Fold Wooden Doors

Wooden bifold doors are a great option when looking for a way to incorporate an adjustable wall without all the hassle of building one. You can opt for a full wooden bifold door, or a more transparent one using glass for the door itself and wood for the door’s frames.

Bifold doors work great for the hotel industry and even restaurants, believe it or not. They’re perfect for any rooms that count on spacious balconies or lobbies that extend to outer decks.


Where to get Wooden Doors from?

Since you've made it to the end, we assume you need these services. If not, that's okay too. Your presence here is appreciated. But if so...

Wooden Furniture in Dubai

MBT offers all kinds of Wooden doors, and furniture. Our services are available in Dubai, and throughout the UAE region. We have ample experience in producing wooden furniture for various reputable clients, and more.


MBT provides the following types of Wooden Doors in the UAE:

  • Main Entry Doors – solid wooden doors in a wide range of sizes, types and styles fully coordinated to receive specialized ironmongeries.
  • Internal Doors – to cater residential and commercial projects available as standard hinge doors, by pass doors, folding and sliding doors that can be design based from clients taste and budget.
  • Fire Rated Doors – doors that is in compliance with Civil Defense Regulations ranging from 1 hour to 2 hour fire rating requirements. Fire rated wooden doors, are recommended for temporary deterrence of fire.

Why work with MBT?

MBT has grown to become one of the pioneers in providing building technology solutions in UAE market. With this, Art Code is sister company with MBT, a renowned Interiors Contracting Company run operations in the Whole Middle East region through several branches in Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, UAE, UK and Spain.

So, MBT provides Turnkey solutions for projects in interiors works, interior designing in UAE, furniture in UAE and lighting.

We also offer:

  • Wooden Counters
  • Wooden Cupboards 
  • Wooden Pergolas
  • Furniture 
  • Fixed furniture 
  • Loose furniture
  • FF & E (Furniture, Fixture and Equipment)

MBT team works on hotels, schools, hospitals from large and small and from basic to luxury in FF & E industry within your budget.

We believe that there is a need for interior company that does things differently. Our focus is on developing a though understanding of the needs of our clients and delivering value excellence in every aspect of our service.

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