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Plain walls have their own elegance. They’re not too shabby. But then come these slim boards at the bottom, connected to the floor. They’re a small change. But they completely alter the appearance of a room.

These aren’t necessary per se. But they protect your walls from damage, caused by mops. In this aspect, they’re also known as mop boards. They’re also useful in another way. With them comes a design appeal, that you just can’t miss.

There are many different options for wall skirting, though. Each version, with it’s own ups and downs. Each one, having a specific purpose. This would make it hard for someone, to decide which one they want. 
To make this decision easier, here’s:

9 Types of Skirting

Today, we are listing down some of the different types of skirting boards, and how they’re meant to be used. Hopefully, this will help you make your decision. Without further ado, let’s get to it:


Vinyl skirting:

The vinyl skirting system is the perfect solution to provide a clean, professional finishing touch on home’s porches and enclosures. It is easy to clean and insect and vermin resistant. Vinyl skirting technology insures long lasting performance.


Sit - on skirting:

Flexible sit-on skirtings offer an easy to fit option to cover the junction between wall and floor. They are installed on top of the floorcovering and are hard wearing. They need little maintenance other than regular cleaning. They offer good value, which reduce the number of joins needed along a corridor length. Sit-on Skirting provides an impervious seal when bonded to the floor covering. Flexible PVC sit-on skirting ideal for use in areas such as hospital corridors, schools etc.


Wood Skirting:

We use real wood, as the material for wood skirting. This is an element that offers warmth, richness, and sophistication, as it runs along marble or tiled floors. It works best with light coloured floors, walls, and ceilings.


Cove Skirting:

Cove skirting are concave rounded moulding around a room at junction between wall and floor, that softens the appearance of sharp internal corners, and softens the acoustic nature of sharp internal corners. Cove skirting makes the room acoustically more comfortable.


Pencil Round Skirting

This is quite a simple skirting solution. These are plain boards, that are rounded at the top. This facilitates carpenters in aligning them. Plus, they’re easier to paint or gloss over. Another good thing about these, is that you can choose from a variety of sizes.

These two things make this solution, convenient for design purposes. They can be used for a versatile range of interior designs, and compliment them in a decent manner (likely patterned or plain walls).

Now, the name pencil round. Where does that codwcme from? There’s a round curve at the top of these boards. This curve has a radius of a standard pencil (i.e. 3 to 4 mm). Hence, Pencil Round Skirting.


Metal Skirting

These are made of Stainless Steel. They’re sleek and attractive. Metal Skirting gives your room a modern form. It has this amazing aesthetic going on, that you can’t look over.

Stainless Steel has this one of a kind appeal. They’re great for minimalist design approaches. Plus, they’re don’t corrode very easily. High durability, combined with a great design aspect and easy maintenance, makes it an ideal choice for any room that needs an elegant glow up.


Continued Skirting

What do you do when you’re skirting a room… but there are stairs next to a wall? As the name suggest, you continue. You prolong the skirting, along the stairs. Would that would do, is that your stair skirting would now feel like a continuation of your wall skirting.

But that’s not the end of it. There are more things that can be added here. Along with the stairs, you can add the skirting for the stair risers, as well. In another case you can include both, the stair risers and the stair treads.

This creates a unique image of the room.


Flush Skirting

This is also an exceptional trend. With any of the other skirting solutions, you’d have the boards attached onto a finished wall. That’s a choice in its own. Many people like that, as it is.

But what if you just want the look, without it feeling like a separate thing? You go for flush skirting. This particular type of skirting, is meant to seamlessly blend in with the walls. You get that aesthetic. But your wall’s still perfectly smooth. Another appeal about this, is that the skirting doesn’t gather up dust on top. So cleaning is much easier as well.


Double Layered Skirting

The main purpose we use skirting at all, is to offer more detail to the room. It makes the walls more interesting. It tells you more about the room itself. But what if plain skirting isn’t enough for you? Maybe you want to add even more to the mix. Maybe you feel like you want to add more flavor to the bottom of your walls. But how?

This is where double layered skirting comes in. Normally, you’d have a single layer of boards. But with double layered skirting, you can add two different layers with two different accents. This can be colors, patterns, however you want.

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