Why Wooden Floors Are So Evergreen

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Wood is a common choice as a flooring material. Wooden Flooring is exactly what the name says it is; i.e. any flooring solution that's made from wood. Our floors are showpieces in themselves. Wood flooring adds a natural charm to any room. There are many other flooring types competing in the market. However, wood floors are still quite common and popular. They add natural beauty and timeless style to any decor. 

Hardwood flooring is an environmentally sound choice to make.  You can drastically reduce your carbon footprint by using wood as a building material rather than other manmade products. 

Following are some of the reasons why it's always remained a popular choice for consumers:


It’s in our nature to love trees, and Wood flooring adds a natural charm to any room.  You can choose between oiled or lacquered finishes, brushed or smooth surfaces. There are more choices now than ever before. Hardwood always looks invitingly warm and beautiful.


Wood is a naturally durable and tough material. A timber floor can significantly out live most other types of flooring.  Its high density levels that make it less vulnerable to scratches and dents. Wood floors are extremely durable and can look beautiful for decades.

Easy Remake:

Wood floors can be refinished instead of adding to the landfill. A maintenance coat is recommended every 5 years or so, to prolong the life of hardwood floors. But even slightly damaged floors, can be sanded backed into shape.

Temperature and sound regulator:

Wood is a natural insulator, helping to keep heat in when it is cold and the house cool when it is hot.  It is also a fibrous material helping absorb sound.

Added Value:

Real wood floors offer beauty for a lifetime. Hardwood flooring will add value to any property making it a good investment.  This is because there is no depreciation on a wood floor. Meanwhile a hardwood floor can go 25 years or more on it's original factory finish. Thus, wood floors cost less long term and add value to your home. Installing wood floors can increase the appeal and market value. 

Maintenance and Cleaning:

Wood doesn’t trap dust and fumes like carpet. So, cleaning hardwood is easy. If the floor is maintained well, the typical surface finish will last 25 years or longer. Regular sweeping or vacuuming is all it takes to maintain any wood floors. You can essentially clean your wood floors in less than half the time, compared to other solutions.

Allergies and Health:

Wood floors in the bedroom and other main living areas, can improve air quality. Doctors often recommend hardwood flooring to asthma and allergy patients. Wood is the floor of choice for anyone with allergies. This solution also prevents slips and falls better. Plus, parasites like fleas cannot lurk and lay eggs in wood flooring.

Eco Friendliness:

Wood sends less solid waste to the landfill, than manufacturing steel or concrete. The long life of wood flooring also means less wasting of replacement materials. Wood production is much cleaner than other building materials. As a sustainable and natural substance, wood is an environmentally friendly choice that helps to insulate the home and lower energy bills. 


Where To Get Wood Flooring From?

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