Why You Should Buy A Wardrobe

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Wardrobes. Standing closests, primarily used to store clothes. A wardrobe is known for being attached to a wall, and offer storage space for clothes and household accessories. In the modern age, these are an essential part of hotel rooms, hostels, and houses. They come in different form factors, designs, and can be customized per the needs of an individual or a business. But the question is...


Why should you invest in a Wardrobe?

There are a number of benefits for getting one. For hotels, these can accomodate all sorts of travellers and other residents. At homes, these can accomdate everyone in the family. We're listing down some of these advantages down for you, and hopefully they'll set your mind to ease. But first let's discuss which type you should consider.

When talking about wardrobes, two types immediately come to mind:

- Walk in Wardrobes
- Built in Wardrobes

Both of these have their ups and downs. They're both made to suit different scenarios. But let's list down the factors you should put into consideration.

Built in Wardrobe vs Walk in Wardrobe

Let's first consider Built in Wardrobes:

- Built in Wardrobes are more compact and can be mounted against a single wall

- Built in Wardrobes generally occupy less space

- Built in Wardrobes cost considerably less

- Built in Wardrobes offer less storage space in comparison

- Suitable for medium to small sized rooms

And as for Walk in Wardrobes:

- Walk in Wardrobes offer a private changing space

- Walk in Wardrobes have more storage space

- Walk in Wardrobes require approximately three times more space than Built in Wardrobes

- Walk in Wardrobes cost significantly higher in comparison

- Suitable for medium to large sized rooms

These are just some of the points to consider, before deciding which one to go for. As you can see, Walk in Wardrobes also have their perks. But generally Built in Wardrobes are more preferred by consumers. Hence, we're going to talk about those today.


Benefits of Built in Wardrobes

Various Spacing Options

Here's another good thing about Built in Wardrobes. You get to decide which storage option you want where. Maybe you need more shelves, maybe you need more hanging areas, maybe you need a little lighting, maybe you need more drawers... It can all be mixed and matched to meet your specific needs. 

Every Built in Wardrobe will occupy a specific amount of space, relative to the size of a room. There will always be standard options available for you to choose from. But there's always room for customization. 

Elegant Appearance

Unlike their Walk in counterpart, Built in Wardrobes are a part of the rooms they're made in. This means that they only add or subtract from the aesthetic and appearance of the room. There are a number of design options that you can go for. Plenty of materials as well (most notably wood). 

Your Wardrobe, as the rest of your design choices, are a statement of your personality or business. If done right, these can add that dashing bit of elegance to a room, that you didn't know you needed.

Protection from Dust particles

Imagine walking into your wardrobe, and picking out an outfit. But you noticed that there's a considerable amount of dust gathered on your items and shelves. With Built in Wardrobes, that wouldn't be an issue.

Dust gathers in open spaces and on uncovered objects. This is a big problem, especially in the UAE region. But these wardrobes, come with closed doors. This keeps all the dust and dirt particles out. And also leads us to our next point

Easy Maintenance

These are considerably easy to maintain. There's very less effort involved in cleaning them if they get a bit dirty. The outer area, or the doors (most likely) are more prone to gathering dust. This can easily be wiped off by dry cloth. 

If you use a good coating over wooden wardrobes, like PVC or HPL, these would last long regardless. 

Optimised Use of Space

If you have a need for in-house storage, you'll get storage furniture. In bedrooms, there's be different sorts of them for varying purposes. But if you get a Wardrobe, most of your storage problems will be solved right there. These are highly spacious, and can be used with hanging, drawers, shelves, and any other kind of storage design you need. 

This one structure is there to combine them all into one, and reduce your need for extra furniture.



Okay, so here's the summary for the article:

- Wardrobes are a great storage furniture, for homes and various facilities

- Builtin Wardrobes are a general preference. But Walkin in Wardrobes are also a considerable option.

- Wardrobes:

  • Protect your items from dust
  • Are easy to maintain
  • Can be customized
  • Add elegance to a room
  • Make good use of space in a room

Before making a final decision though, you should definitely take an expert's advice. Every person wants a unique solution to their problems. That can be tricky job, without the help of an experienced professional. In fact, you can contact us right here. We'd be glad to hear from you.

Where to get a Wardrobe from?

Since you've made it to the end, we assume you need these services. If not, that's okay too. Your presence here is appreciated. But if so...

Wardrobe in Dubai

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